3 female students  and 1 male student standing over robotics table

On Friday, January 7th, we held our annual robotics competition here for all 6th and 8th grade HTRS Robotics teams. All students did very well, and the top two teams overall will move on to represent HTRS at the online qualifier. 

Results of the day: winning the Robot Challenge Game and 1st Overall was the Fluffy Unicorns: Erynn Anderson, Jorja DeJonge, Emmett Glathar, Hannah Lindsey, Elijah Pagnano, Lukas Rose, and Ethan Worthey. Winning the Project and 2nd overall was team EDWARD: Elizabeth Bstandig-Rowland, Zachary Burns, Caleb Holley, and Jonathan Koch. We had a tie in Robot Design with teams Charms Lucky: Kiylee Cooper, Ty Dunekacke, Kadeyn Fiscus, Shawnna Richey, and Gauge Schuetz and Botfles: Nathanial Burns, Ava Grimes, Patricia Howe, Jack Hilgenfeld, Nicholas Johnson, and Lorena Pagnano. Charms Lucky was also named as the team with the most Gracious Professionalism.

Upcoming events for Fluffy Unicorns and EDWARD, are recording Project and Robot Design for online judging by Friday, January 28th, Robot Challenge games at FCSH on Thursday, February 3rd at 6:00 p.m., and meeting with judges via Zoom in Mrs. Stalder’s room on Saturday, February 5th. The times will be announced as soon as the schedule is received.