Acronym for #TitanPride. Honest, trustworthy, responsible, safe in blue lettering next to a puppet of a titan with a beard

The Titans of the Month for February are Axton Wamsley, Brogan Dunlap, Clayton Howe, Ty Faulks, and Aiden Worthey. The teacher of the month is Holly Hawley. Axton Wamsley is the middle school winner. He is the son of Shannon and Jedediah Wamsley. The 9th grade winner is Brogan Dunlap. He is the son of Tanya Hall and Josh Dunlap. The 10th grade winner is Clayton Howe. He is the son of Megan and Caleb Howe. The 11th grade winner is Ty Faulks. He is the son of Tami and Brody Faulks. The 12th grade winner is Aiden Worthey. He is the son of Pandora and Joe Worthey.

Mrs. Hawley words of advice for everyone are, “Remember to work hard in everything you do, learn from your mistakes because everyone makes them, believe in yourself because you are worth it, and most of all be kind because it's the easiest thing you can do!”