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New Graduation Requirement for 2026-2027 Graduating Class

Starting with the 2027 graduating they will be required to complete 20 hours of Voluntary Public Service hours. All incoming 2023 9th grade students will need to perform a minimum of 20 hours (5 hours/year) of Voluntary Public Service in order to fulfill the graduation requirements. These public service hours must be voluntary, but they may also be used in conjunction with other school organizations, so long as they are approved by the sponsors of those organizations and completed during non-school hours. All freshman are required to attend at least one public board meeting including but not limited to a school board meeting, city council meeting or other similar meeting.  Each meeting counts as one hour for freshman and they may attend two meetings for a total of two hours of their public service as long as they are two for different organizations. All forms need to be turned in to the Principal.

Volunteer Public Service Form

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HTRS Begins the Tiny House Project

Making Progress

The new school year has brought many changes, including career and technical education projects. One of the big projects for 2023-2024 is the Tiny House Project. The Woods/Construction classes are building a certified Tiny House that will include rough carpentry, finish carpentry, plumbing, electrical and HVAC.  Once the house is completed, HTRS will be looking at placing the home on a lot within the district.  In addition to providing educational opportunities for our shop students, our business students will have the opportunity to learn real life business skills by operating the house as a rental property.  The Tiny House could provide temporary rental housing for teachers, or be used for travelers on a nightly basis. This project is expanding our career and technical education by providing a capstone course that will be us as completers for our construction and woods career pathway programs.  HTRS leadership and students wish to thank the Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer Education Foundation, the Humboldt Shares Organization, American National Bank and The State Bank of Table-Rock for their generous donations to help fund over 50% of this program.  HTRS Education Foundation, Humboldt Shares and The State Bank of Table-Rock each donated $5,000 and American National Bank donated $6,000.  The district is looking for a city lot to purchase (or have donated) to place the home on.   The long-term goal of the Tiny House program is to complete three Tiny Houses to place on the one lot to provide more housing options in the community.  Future Tiny Houses will include a full living room and a loft bedroom.  All homes will have a kitchen and dining area and a ¾ bath.  The students are showing great interest in working on this project and have even spent some free time working on it.