From the Desk of Dr. Griffith

Dr. George Griffith

Dr. George Griffith

Happy New Year!!!!
Starting in January, HTRS is taking another step towards normality
with the return of the salad bar. We will have a staff member serve
from the salad bar because self-serve is still not acceptable. At least
our students will have an additional option for lunch. I know the students
are looking forward to having the salad bar back.
The school calendar has been changed for the month of February.
February 4th there will not be school since it is needed for teacher
training so February 11th will be a regular school day. Please mark
your calendars accordingly.
HTRS is going to be changing its website and have a user-friendly
app. This website will provide teachers and staff the opportunity to
post the exciting things going on in their classes and promote HTRS
as the fine educational institution it is.
The first semester has gone quickly and I have seen some good
things going in the classes I visit. I always find Mr. Linnerson’s class
fun to listen to and I enjoy how he interacts with his students. I
would like to congratulate him and his mock trial team for doing so
well in the competition this year. I look forward to his continued work
with our students this spring.
Mrs. Howe’s class is very interesting and she really demonstrates her
love of math. Her direction of one-act was excellent and the students
performed exceptionally well. I loved the humor and had to try not to
laugh too loud. Keep up the great work!
I enjoy the arts, specifically theater, and have performed in two college
productions and four community theater productions and I was really impressed with our student performers in their roles on the mock trial team and on the stage.

Until next time.


Dr. G

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