News: Superintendent Dr. George Griffith

Dr. George Griffith

Dr. George Griffith

The kitchen staff is working hard to provide quality meals for our students and have started making homemade meals. This takes extra time, but the cooks are working to move meals from prepackaged to more meals made from scratch. I want to send a shout out to these ladies for working hard to keep our students feed and their efforts to improve meal quality. Speaking of the lunch program, I am pleased to announce that the district is still following the program to allow for free meals for all students. It is good to see the increase in the number of students who eat the meal provided in our cafeteria.

A topic I was wishing I didn’t have to discuss this year is COVID. We are fortunate at this point that only one student has tested positive and is quarantined at home. We are not required to do contract tracing at this time and are limited in what we can share due individual privacy rights. I continue to receive COVID related updates on a regular basis and will be in a Zoom meeting with the district’s legal counsel on Monday, September 13th and hope to know more after that day.

Our student athletes are performing well, and have a few wins under their belts. These students are dedicated to do their best and work hard to be successful. I am proud of the effort these young adults put into representing their school and communities. I am proud to be a Titan!

My theme for this year comes from a program called FISH Philosophy and focuses on four ideas:
1.    Have fun – no matter what you are doing if you have to do it, choose to have fun doing it.  
2.    Make Their Day – Do or say something nice for someone.  It does not have to be elaborate or profound to lift someone’s spirits or help them have a better day.
3.    Choose your attitude – when something unpleasant happens to you, you have two choices. You can let it drag you down or you can choose to have a good day despite it. It’s not always easy, but it can really be helpful.
4.    Be There – We can be in a room but not mentally engaged or hearing but not really listening. If you live in the moment and are aware of your surroundings or actually listening to someone, you may be surprised at what you can learn or the impact you can have on someone else, especially a child.  

Choose to have a great year!  #titanpride