News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

Sherri Edmundson, Superintendent

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and enjoy family time. However, some students struggle with the lack of structure of coming to school every day, so parents and staff may see unexpected behaviors from students. If this happens, please be patient and notify the student’s teacher so that we can help.

Even though signs and crossing guards are posted, there continue to be those few patrons that drive around them.  PLEASE, PLEASE do not be that person.  These are posted for student safety and we do not want anyone to be hit by a car that did not yield to the crossing guard.  It makes our parking lot and Central Street a lot safer all day when this happens!

The speech team is preparing for their first meet. Both high school basketball teams have games completed with some wins and some losses, but all have been learning opportunities. The holiday tournament is a continued tradition with Table Rock and Humboldt.

Our school district’s annual report will be reviewed by the board in January and will then be posted on our district web site. Please feel free to review it and let me know if you have any questions or concerns you want to share. We will continue to review our Strategic Plan each month.

Go Titans!