November News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

November News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

HTRS continues to impress me.  We have such a great group of young men and women.  We focus on the good and know that the good outweighs the rest!

We have spent a lot of time since school has started on “Stomp Out Bullying” and “Always Be Kind.”  Our student body has done a great job of embracing this and helping other students in need.

Thank you to all the parents and students that have made the flow in the parking lot go much more smoothly by dropping off students and parking in the designated drop off spots.  It is safer for students and busses by doing this.  It also does not plug up the parking lot.  We hope that we can continue to improve our facilities.

I encourage patrons to follow the chain of command.  If you have a question or concern, please address it with the teacher and/or coach first.  The second line of that chain is the principal, then the superintendent, and then the school board.  I know it’s easy to catch a board member because you see them at a ballgame or at the grocery store, but most of the time they don’t know what you are talking about and can’t help you until you’ve talked with the teacher or coach.

As winter approaches, please remember that students may be walking to or from school in the dark, so please be more aware around the school zone.  In addition, please make sure your student brings a coat.  It is going to stop raining some day and turn to snow.  Can you imagine if the rain we’ve received the past month had all been snow?

The school year is already a quarter over.  Parent/teacher conferences have been held.  We’ve finished initial testing and have started interventions.  We look forward to a great academic school year.  Go Titans!