News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

As much as we all want spring to be here, it is only February! Please make sure your children are coming to school prepared for whatever weather is headed our way. It is important for students to get outside as much as possible, so please make sure they are prepared for recess, and especially prepared if they walk to school or to and from the bus stops. We are at that time of year where we never know when inclement weather will hit. Please make sure you watch the TV, listen to the radio, check us out on Facebook, and sign up for the announcements from the school so that you know when we release early, start late, or do not have school.

We have switched back to yellow protocol with some changes. We will be wearing masks at all times including recess and PE. Our cases have continued to remain low after Christmas break. The warmer weather and the vaccine will help us as we continue through the school year.

Because of COVID and the change in state assessments, MAPS testing has become more important. Please have a conversation with your student and emphasize this so that we get the most accurate results possible and students can be placed in courses and groups appropriately.

We welcome three new school board members – Kyle Hilgenfeld, Crystal Dunekacke, and Mike Kanel. We thank those retiring from the board for their many years of service – Sandy Stalder, Mike Bredemeier, and Rock Herr. The three with continued service include Neal Kanel (President), Tim Schaardt (Vice President), and Scott Ogle. If you have concerns, please remember the chain of command and start with your child’s teacher or coach, then the AD if applicable, the principal, then the superintendent, and lastly the board.  

We have such awesome things going on at HTRS. Congratulations to AcaDeca, speech, basketball teams, and wrestling on their successes so far this season. Did you know that the MUDECAS basketball tournament is the longest standing tournament west of the Mississippi? The junior high girls’ basketball team has also started their season. We have a fantastic group of students that participate very hard in the extra-curricular activities on top of their full academic schedules. We are very proud of them for their accomplishments. All of these things together show what a great community we have and what is really important. Academics and activities are important, but it is also important that we raise students to be productive and caring citizens in society. There is so much to be learned in school besides what happens in the classroom, court, or field. We truly do have a great group of students and staff at HTRS!