News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

News: Superintendent Sherri Edmundson

At HTRS this year, we have focused on #Be Kind in efforts to educate our student body that everyone is different, everyone has strengths, and everyone deserves respect. As parents, you can help us with this endeavor by simply asking your child when they do something if that was the kind way to react and how they could have handled a situation differently.

In an article by Jill Barshay in the Herchinger Report on September 23, 2019, the headline states, “An analysis of achievement gaps in every school in America shows that poverty is the biggest hurdle.” The poverty rate at HTRS is 56%.  That means that more than half of our students live in what is defined by our government as poverty. We see this reflected in our test scores year after year. This same article states that, “…we should avoid equating test scores with school quality.” Think about these factors and read more about poverty and the effects of it in your spare time!

Volleyball, football, and girls’ golf seasons are coming to a close. I have seen many positives in all of these programs both in junior high and high school. The wins and losses columns do not tell the entire story. We have great coaches and parents that support our students even when we lose. Everyone puts in a lot of hours to make this happen.

As the first quarter winds down and we have had parent/teacher conferences, I hope that parents have had the opportunities to have meaningful conversations with both your student and his/her teacher(s). If not, please call the school and set up an appointment. We look forward to a continued successful school year at HTRS.

Go Titans!