News From the K-8 Guidance Office: Mr. Ingwerson

News From the K-8 Guidance Office: Mr. Ingwerson

We have been busy in each classroom reminding, reinforcing, re-teaching and reviewing our PBIS lessons. PBIS? What’s that, you might ask. (See Mrs. Blecha’s article in this paper.)

Well, let me tell you a bit about it. PBIS is the acronym for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. It kind of boils down to BEHAVE. But we all know it’s not that easy, so we have to teach children, and each other sometimes, what it looks like to behave or do the right thing. I literally say to students, “Most of you know what the right thing is, but if you don’t, then raise your hand and ask the teacher.” 

We all know about laws and rules, but those are just words until we learn what they are and how to follow them. In school we have rules, most are common sense, and we have to teach, remind, and practice them so we learn to follow them every day.  

When you are here in the school building you will see the rules posted. This is PBIS and HTRS’s way to convey the message falls into three categories or “Expectations”. They are: Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. There are “Specifics” listed right next to each. These can be seen in every room and in every hallway in the building. 

There are rules posted in each classroom with expectations for the classroom, hallway, playground, lunchroom, restroom, and morning opening in the small gym. Now that sounds like a lot and it is. It’s a lot the same, as you can imagine: be polite, be quiet, and keep your hands to yourself all seem to fit in where ever you go. One of my favorites is “remember your purpose”. See if you can match the purpose to where you are in the building.

1) To look, listen and learn.   
2) To go to the restroom.  
3) To eat and visit quietly.  
4) To get from one place to another.  
5) To play and have fun.   
6) Gather with your classmates and get ready for the day. 
Do you think you got them matched up? What fun!

See you in the hallways and byways of our great community. And I leave you with February.