Assistant Principal News by Kari Lottman

Assistant Principal News by Kari Lottman

Random Acts of Kindness Week
Help ease the long cold days of the winter months by celebrating the week of Random Acts of Kindness. Start planning your random act of kindness for the week of February 16-23, 2020. Doing something kind for someone who is not expecting it, it rewards the giver as much as the recipient. The website: has a calendar for the entire year with random acts of kindness listed for each day! Additionally, here are a few ideas of random acts that would help spread kindness:

  • Offer to babysit a child for a couple of hours for free
  • Pick up trash around your neighborhood
  •  Donate used books to the library
  • Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk
  • Read to a child
  • Make a new friend
  • Write a letter/email to someone who has made a difference in your life
  • Study with a classmate

Sit with someone different at lunch

  • Run errands for a neighbor
  • Say, “Good Morning!” to someone you may not typically speak to
  • Clean your room without being asked
  • Do the dishes after a meal

Leap Day 2020
Usually, every four years, we have a Leap Year which results in an extra day added to the month of February. This year, Leap Day is February 29th. The reason the day is added to February is thought to help keep the earth in sync with the sun so that the equinox is always close to March 21st. Do you know any Leap Year traditions? One that I found is that Leap Day is a rare day when women can propose marriage to men. The story goes that in the fifth century, Saint Bridget expressed dissatisfaction to Saint Patrick about women waiting for men to propose to them. She felt women should be able to ask men for their hand in marriage as well. So, Saint Patrick allowed women proposals, but only on Leap Day. That's right, there was a time when women in love had to wait a four-year cycle before making a proposal. A more current tradition is to Get Leaping! Literally. Many families with young kids use frog-themed activities to celebrate Leap Day. For example, have a family contest to see who can jump the farthest. Gather the neighborhood kids for a jump rope competition.

In addition to some fun traditions, this year, Leap Year puts most of my favorite holidays on ideal days for celebrating!

        Valentine’s Day is a FRIDAY!
        Cinco De Mayo is on TACO TUESDAY!
        The Fourth of July is on a SATURDAY!
        Halloween is also on a SATURDAY!
        Christmas is a FRIDAY!
        New Years starts a 3-day weekend!