Other than the scholarships given to the HTRS Schools Students on behalf of the established scholarships stated, this is a list of some of the school equipment funded through donations to the HTRS Foundation:

  • Reading tables in primary grades
  • Video microscope for high school science
  • Accelerated Reader software and books
  • Elementary science software
  • Instruments and mirrors for the music room
  • Calculators and overhead for advanced math
  • Digital cameras, TVs and other technology                     
  • Sergers and sewing machines                                                                                    
  • Erasable whiteboards
  • Distance learning classroom materials
  • Sound systems and lapel microphones
  • Career education software                                                           
  • Dust collection system for industrial arts
  • Eleanor McKee Estate donation of $20,000 presented to HTRS School toward cost of new bleacher for new gym
  • Smartboard                                                                                                                  
  • Laptop computers & mobile cart                                                                         
  • Science department –teacher mini grant = $2,530.12 (2009)
  • HTRS Booster Club-football ear phone, matching grant = $1,000 (2010)
  • Music department-Yamaha instrument = $1,134 (2010)HTRS Middle/High School signs-matching pledge = $8,000 (2011)
  • Accelerated reading program-teacher mini grant = $1,959 (2012)
  • Ellison Die Cut machine-teacher mini grant = $2,167.51 (2012)
  • Early childhood-teacher mini grant = $450.23 (2012)
  • Robotics-teacher mini grant = $1,355.58 (2012)
  • Art class material-teacher mini grant = $1,879 (2012)
  • HTRS Public Schools Foundation received the $4,848.45 SAPP Bros Donation and matched the amount up to $10,000 and used those funds for upgrades to the HTRS Track (2013)
  • Mini-Grants for mutliple teachers covering Technology devices like Apple TV's, iPads and mounted LCD Televisions; Energy System for Ind Arts, Moving Walls for Art Dpt, Die Cut Machine, Camcorder and Books totaling $13,200 contribution from Foundation (2014) Complete List Below;

BJ Freeman - Flat Screen TV, Apple TV, Keyboard PC
Eileen Zentner - BigBooks Math, Social Studies, Science
Peggy Williams - Video Camera and Tripod
Trudy Fankhauser - Ellison Die Cut Machine & Dies
Denise Hunzeker - Flat Screen TV, Keyboard PC
Kim Standerford - IPads
10 additional Ipads for Middle School shared amongst multiple teachers
Amy Werts - Flat Screen TV, Apple TV, Keyboard PC

  • Mini-Grants for mutliple teachers covering totaling $3,816 contribution from Foundation (2015-16) Complete List Below:

Mike Stinman - Music
April Binder - Flat Screen TV
John Kanel -  Eagle Scout Project
Eileen Zentner - Preschool musical instruments
BJ Freeman - MimioTeach DeviceHunzeker

  • Mini-Grants for mutliple teachers covering totaling $3,816 contribution from Foundation (2016-17) Complete List Below:

Paulette Joy - iPad for Kindergarten
Lisa Othmer - STEM Activities; Science , Technology, English, Math
Eileen Zentner - Preschool Lego Learning Center

  • Mini-Grants for mutliple teachers from Foundation (2017-18) Complete List Below:

2017-Peggy Williams (English) Shakespeare Tour $688
2017-Ron Shaw Middle School Musical Instruments  to Allison Vaughan, Kendal Freeman, Lily Wamsley
2018-Mrs. Othmer (Principal) Randy Nadler
2018-Mrs. Othmer (Principal) Camfel Productions $1,395
2018-Jaime Frey (3rd Grade) Maker Space Classroom $616.52
2018-UNL Extension Inventure Day $200
2018-Mary Moser (Science) "Nebraska Trout in the Classroom" $1,015
2018-Mary Moser (Science) iPads for students to use for augmented reality $1,600


Nebraska Trout in the Classroom

Nebraska Trout in the Classroom is underway in the Biology classroom. Thanks to the generous donation of the HTRS Public Schools Foundation, we were able to purchase the needed materials and equipment to raise trout from eggs to fingerlings to be released this spring at the Schramm Park and Recreation Center. 

Our tank is set up and now we are cycling the water. This is a great opportunity to learn about the Nitrogen Cycle and put our knowledge to practice. The students introduced bacteria into the water and are adding fish food to start the decomposition process. Three times a week students are using test kits to analyze the water. Students are collecting data on the ammonia levels, nitrite levels, nitrate levels, pH, and temperature. We have about a month to get the ammonia and nitrite levels down and nitrate levels up before the eggs arrive in mid-January.

Students will use this opportunity to explore life cycles, aquatic environments, and animal adaptations. Students will also be dissecting trout to learn about fish anatomy. We will keep you updated on this project.

By Mary Moser

iPads In Science Class

The HTRS Education Foundation recently purchased 5 ipads to be used in the Science classroom.  The ipads are a great tool for recording observations and documenting data collected.  Students can also use them to record their science claim and easily share with me and themselves.  Students have enjoyed documenting the growth of the trout that are being raised in the Biology class.  The trout in the classroom project was also funded by the HTRS Education Foundation.  The trout are growing fast and will be released at the Schramm Aquarium on May 15.  The anatomy class is also using the ipads almost daily.  I have purchased some apps that allow the students to isolate and study each muscle of the body as well as other body systems. They will also use them to document their fetal pig dissection as a culmination project in Anatomy.


Ron Shaw Middle School Musical Instrument Awards 2017-2018 School Year

 Carol Shaw established this musical tradition with HTRS Public School in 2014,  to “pay it forward” and honor her husband, Ron Shaw who is a Humboldt High School graduate from the Class of 1959, for his musical background and who loves music!

Carol has donated funding for an HTRS middle school student in 5th grade to receive an instrument for these past four years.  They wanted this award to celebrate the joy music brings.  As they stated, “This world needs more joy!

The presentation of instruments and monetary award recipients were chosen by the Musical teaching staff at HTRS.

On October 18, 2018 at the HTRS AR party, Mrs. Sarah Volker presented the 2017-2018 HTRS School year awards of Ron Shaw Musical instruments of a clarinet to Kendall Freeman, a clarinet to Lily Walmsley and a trumpet to Allison Vaughan.


Shakespeare Day

Thanks in part to a contribution from the HTRS Public Schools foundation, students from HTRS were treated to Shakespeare day. The day included a performance of the Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet as well as an acting workshop.  

Stappenbeck Donation

The HTRS Percussion Line with the new equipment provided by the very generous donation of Curt Stappenbeck! Three Field Snares, One Base Drum, 2 sets of Quads

Foundation Donates Laptops

Thank you HTRS Foundation for providing the funding for a laptop center in every elementary classroom! We are all very grateful for your support! - December 2014