Notes From Mrs. Rogers

Notes From Mrs. Rogers

Happy spring! As I write this, it’s about 35 degrees outside, but I’m definitely looking forward to the warmer weather. Despite all of the obstacles life has thrown our way this past year, it has flown by. Hopefully, by the time this newsletter goes out, more restrictions will be lifted, and life will have continued to become more normal. 

April has always been a crazy month during the school year: track and golf meets, field trips, scholarship deadlines, prom, awards night, planning for graduation, and we try to get as much learning in there as possible as well. I’ve noticed (and I was guilty of this myself) that classes sometimes start to take a back seat to all of the activities and planning that goes on during fourth quarter, but it’s important to remember that grades matter now just as much as they did the first three quarters. With all of the other things going on, it’s even more important to reach out and take advantage of the resources provided to you. So many students see 9th hour as a punishment, but (now stay with me here) it’s a really great opportunity to meet with your teachers and get individualized assistance. If you learn to utilize 9th hour (you can do this even without being on the list), you will be more likely to properly utilize academic resources in college - office hours, study groups, etc. 

April is also just about the final month for scholarship deadlines. I’ve seen April 1st and April 15th on several of the scholarship applications I’ve sent out. The Common and Foundation scholarships were due March 22nd; as of the time of writing this (March 13th), I have received several applications, but I know this upcoming week will be a bear for some of those procrastinating seniors! I sincerely hope that each and every senior who is planning on a postsecondary education gets an application in. We have a great foundation and some wonderful, generous local scholarships. 

Parents and students - I have set up a couple of pages on Facebook to keep you informed. For general counselor’s office information, follow my page at:

I email all of the scholarship application forms I receive to seniors; I also post them on my group page at:

If schedules (and COVID restrictions) allow, I would like to take two college/career trips in April. One to Lincoln, to visit SCC and UNL, and one that shows different careers that can come out of some of these college degrees. I’ve been wanting to visit the Hudl headquarters in Lincoln for a while, and Innovation Campus on the old fairgrounds, then hopefully we can visit Fivenine labs in Omaha. These businesses cover a large range of careers: marketing and advertising, sports management, and technology/engineering, among others. I’m hoping that we will be able to go on multiple trips throughout the year next year, so if you have any great ideas, I would love to hear them!

Important dates:

  •   March 29 - SCC Registration starts (college credit students take note!)
  •    April 15 - ACT testing for juniors - this is the test taken at the school.
    •  9th grade will be taking ACT 8/9
    • 10th grade will be taking the PreACT
  •    April 17 - Prom
  •    April 23 - Mentoring track and field day    April 26 - Awards night