High School News from Mrs. Othmer

High School News from Mrs. Othmer

Mrs. Othmer

HTRS 2019

As always, high schoolers are extremely busy with athletics and activities. The High School Leadership Team once again attended the NSAA leadership summit. This team is comprised of the following students: Lauren Nanninga, Aiden Worthey, Carissa Allen, Isaiah Lockard, Nic Knudson, Mikkayla Flynn, Cameron James, Andrew Stalder, Natalie Novak, Brandt Leech, and Ryken Davis. The mission of this team is to improve the HTRS High School climate by planning activities and encouraging the positive use of social media. The big focus this year was surrounding yourself with positive people and making good choices.

Regular attendance seems to still be a concern with some students. The new attendance policy provides for the opportunity to reward those students for regular attendance. The students with 95% or greater attendance for the semester are put into a drawing 

for a reward. One significant change in the new policy is the requirement that students not miss more than 32 hours of class time in order to have early release time at the semester. HTRS forfeited Accountability for a Quality Education System Today and Tomorrow (AQuESTT) points for student attendance last year due to chronic absenteeism. There are some absences that are not within control of the school system. However, we do ask that when parents plan family vacations that they are mindful about this issue and make an effort to plan family trips that are coordinated with the school calendar. Please feel free to contact the office if you should have any questions about the new attendance policy. In addition, we realize that not all illnesses require a visit to the doctor. We do ask that if there is medical documentation, that it be shared so that if asked, we have evidence to support those absences. HTRS was hit pretty hard with the flu this year but we are still hoping to improve on our attendance issue with the state department.

“If you see something or hear something, say something.” These words were actually first used by Homeland Security. We have adopted these words to use with students in terms of safety and security. Students are finally starting to see that we can’t get hung up on the, “I don’t want to be a snitch” mindset. The HTRS staff feels very strongly that ALL students should feel safe and supported while attending school, and we have to work together to make sure that is happening.

The year 2020 will be filled with opportunities for all of us. My hope for all of us is to take advantage of those opportunities to make a difference and to be kind to one another!

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