High School News from Mrs. Othmer

High School News from Mrs. Othmer

Mrs. Othmer

Greetings from the HTRS Counselor, as you all know, fighting 2X #STRONG while continuing to help your young students find careers/colleges and plan for success is difficult! The staff, administration, and school board have helped me so much as they have all pitched in and we are working with our own counselor in training, Mrs. Brittany Rogers, so know we are here for you all. Just watch that lighthouse burn in my office as Janitor Julie said, “It will stay on!” Please come and talk to me with any concerns or email me as I might be working from home!

I really believe in signs: today’s comes from Panda Express, “You create ENTHUSIAM around you!” This year we have seniors making military choices, changing career directions, finding some meaningful work experience, and finding THEIR voice. We plan to enhance those decisions with our fifth period college planning every study hall time, doing more College Access trips, hosting Apply to College Day, and finally hosting parent/student nights for Families in Transition! 

In grades 9-12, students now meet in advisory groups for 15 minutes every day. Below you will find a sample week of advisory.

·    Monday-Weekend Update/Current Events/Weekly Schedules/Daily Bulletin
·    Tuesday-Future Planning/Goal Setting Activities
·    Wednesday-Walking Wednesday/Reflective Practices/40 Developmental Assets
·    Thursday-Restorative practices
·    Friday-Perform a Random Act of Kindness 

Advisory teachers are also welcome to discuss current events or topics that are affecting the culture and climate here at HTRS. While 15 minutes a day might not seem like a lot of time, 15 minutes of connecting with our students in a non-structured way is a nice approach in getting to know them on a more personal level.

HTRS is very excited to welcome several new staff members to our team. Caleb Lempka joins HTRS as our weights and conditioning coach, PE/Health teacher, and coach. Macie Coffey is part of the SPED department, Karmen Tomek is our new 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher, junior high leadership teacher, and coach. New para educators include Stacy Fankhauser, Elaine Kelley, Tanya Schuetz, Shari Berglund, and Tiffini Cumro. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.