High School News from Mrs. Othmer

High School News from Mrs. Othmer

Mrs. Othmer

Greeting HTRS patrons! The theme for this article revolves around celebrating success! Sometimes we get so caught up in the things that we have to take care of that we forget to slow down long enough to take advantage of opportunities to celebrate. HTRS students are such a dynamic group of kids that we need to take that time to honor them for their steadfast hard work.  

Friday, March 5th HTRS celebrated Dr. Seuss Day. Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Frey, along with several elementary teachers, planned a wonderful afternoon of Dr. Seuss activities. This fun event was made possible with the help of the high school mentors and Mrs. Rogers. I believe the best part was the ice cream sundaes! 

The HTRS Speech Team under the direction of Mrs. Jaime Frey sent two competitors to state speech in Kearney on March 18th. Congratulations to Austin Herr who competed in serious prose and Shannon Jones who competed in extemporaneous speaking.  

Powerlifting coach Destiny Worthey took seven athletes to the Class B State Power Lifting competition March 6th. Dylan Schulenberg placed third by lifting a total of 1,030 pounds. This was definitely a new experience that got this team out of their comfort zone in trying something new. Congratulations to Dylan Schulenberg, Caleb Werman, Gabby Siegel, Sara Mayo, Jaylyn Bohling, Clayton Howe, and Aiden Worthey on their valiant effort in uncharted territory!

There continues to be some safety concerns in our bus loading and unloading zones. Please be mindful that when using the diagonal parking that you must stay parked when there are busses present. Please wait to pull out from your parking spot until the busses are no longer present. Thank you student drivers for your cooperation in using the west parking lot exit after school to relieve the congestion at 3:30 p.m. on 8th street and helping to keep our students safe when coming to and leaving school.