From Mrs. Othmer

From Mrs. Othmer

In the midst of writing this article for the March BOLT, I am enjoying the sights and sounds of Valentine’s Day. Kids are anxiously awaiting party time, while staff members batten down the hatches for afternoon sugar highs, and then like grandparents, we send them home to you! 

The elementary parent-teacher conferences were pretty well attended this semester. However, there were only 33 parents here for grades 6-12. This was in part due to the basketball game in Falls City, but I also believe that most of our teachers are really great about communicating with parents when there is a problem. Parents also have the ability to check their students’ grades in Power School and are pretty good about checking in with teachers when they see that there is a problem. This is always a very tricky time of year to schedule anything due to all of the activities. Please know that we are here to help if there is a problem, and I know that any teacher in the building would be glad to schedule a time with you to visit about the academic progress of your child.

Kent Schnakenberg was here to present about Juvenile Diabetes awareness. Each staff member and student received a T-shirt with a list of Type One Diabetes symptoms. You can find more information on the Team Schnak Facebook page. 

As the spring season approaches, and with warmer weather just around the corner, please make an effort to plan some outdoor activities 

with your kids. We are in the day and age of video game obsession. My own grown son argues that there are hand-to-eye coordination benefits in playing video games. On any given day, you might see kids displaying Tik Tok behaviors down the hallway, standing in the lunch line, and at recess, this seems to be a common occurrence! All joking aside, I urge you to try and find a balance between screen time, outside time, sleep time and most importantly family time!

On a final note, thanks to all of you for your continued support in making HTRS a great place to learn and grow!