Elementary News From Mrs. Othmer

Elementary News From Mrs. Othmer

HTRS 2019


The New Year always brings new adventures! Elementary students are working very hard and are still earning those Titan Tickets for simply doing what they need to do. In addition to that, they are striving to meet their AR goals. Teachers are seeing a tremendous amount of academic growth so we are very excited around here! Titan Ticket recognition is in the implementation stages at the secondary level. The secondary team has been working with a group of students to develop a plan for teaching expectations and using QR codes for rewarding Titan Tickets to our 7-12 students.


Winter is upon us and the decision to go outside for recess is made on a day to day basis so please make sure you send your children to school prepared with coats, hats, and mittens/gloves. We have a collection of coats and snow pants that are free for the taking in the entry way of the main entrance. Please help yourself if there is a need.




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