Maker Space Room

Maker Space Room

The lower elementary students are beginning to work with the different robots. The first one is the Dash. The two Dash robots have been named Titan and Bolt. The iPads connect to the robots, so the students can create code using the Blockly app. Blockly uses blocks linked together with coding information on each block. The students have been coding using the website which helps them understand the use of the blocks to make a character move on the screen. The hardest part is we only have two Dash robots, so we have to take turns. The rest of the class continues working with a partner on The first puzzle the students have to complete is to get their driver’s license for Titan or Bolt. The fifth grade students are also working with the robots and are really moving quickly through the puzzles to understand the capabilities of the robots.
The fourth graders have been able to remove the green of a video and put another video in the background. We have been using WeVideo website to complete our videos. The group will be writing a script to video and then edit the video with music and another video. It has been a learning experience for all of us.

The sixth grade have made the connect of the Turing Tumble to a computer. Turing Tumbles has several different pieces the students can use. The ramps direct the balls to the right or left depending on the direction they are put on the table. The crossover lets ball paths cross over one another. The bit adds logic. It stores information by pointing to the right or to the left, like a 1 or 0. These puzzles become harder the farther into the story we get. We also have two more pieces that haven’t been used yet.

By Mrs. Standerford


A Makerspace is a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore, and discover using a variety of tools and materials (Rendina, et al., 2017). Students will be able to be creative with the equipment to construct items or develop coding skills to begin to learn the world that they will be growing up in. It should be exciting to see what or how everyone develops his or her ideas.

The Makerspace room is taking shape. The equipment is here and getting ready to begin. Coding is one of the main pieces of equipment. We have purchased Spheros, Ozobots, and Dash robots that can be coded and then the students can try them out to see if they do what they want them to do. The Sphero is even waterproof, so it will be fun to do activities with some water. 

Also in the Makerspace, Legos and K’nex are available for building ideas. Students will develop their plan, will draw their idea, and then build a prototype of their ideas. It will be exciting to see the pieces come together for the students. 

Creativity is also a part of the Makerspace. The room has paper, markers, paint, crayons, pipe cleaners, etc. These items can be used for the students to use their own creativity to foster their own learning experience. It will be an exciting time for students.

By Mrs. Standerford, 
Technology Integration Specialist

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