After School Program

Everyday after school, a new adventure begins for some Pre-K to 6th grade students.
The LEAP after school program began the first day of school and runs 3:30-5:30 on full days of
school. Our goal is to provide our area students with a structured environment full of enrichment
Our LEAP students have had teachers and area 4-H extension educators come in and
show them cool experiments or how to make their own airplane gliders. One day, they even
went home with glitter all over them after making erupting glitter volcanoes. Once a week, they
are kindness agents and show someone within the building how much they mean to them.
Teachers and staff have received painted rocks telling them that “They Rock!” They have
received glow stick messages telling them that they “Warm their hearts!” The students have
enjoyed using their chosen secret agents names and expressed thanks for all that the staff at
HTRS do for them. The students have enjoyed building challenges with popsicle sticks and
cups. Their competitive nature came out to see how strong and tall they can make the structure.
Knocking it down with soft bouncy balls was the cherry on top of a fun activity. They have even
enjoyed creating their own catapults and competing to see who can make the object fly the
farthest. Their creative nature came alive with the use of popsicle sticks, spoons, and a lot of hot
glue. Their artistic nature came out with the creation of their own frames. They went home not
only with a frame but with glittery smiles ( they love those crafts!).
We also provide homework time for students that need it. There is always a staff
member ready to show support during this time. We have had lots of kids take advantage of this
opportune time to complete homework before heading home. We believe in physical activity and
learning new games along with lots of outdoor nature walks. They just enjoyed a scavenger
nature walk where they had to search for different Fall like items. We are definitely taking
advantage of this recent beautiful weather.
We have had lots of fun with our students. We invite you to consider having your
child(ren) come and be apart of this new adventure. We do have a few openings available.
Applications are available at the front office.