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History highlights:

•1991-Humboldt Board of Education establishes the Humboldt Public Schools Foundation

•1994 -Nellie Hoffman Estate provides significant funding 

•1995-Trusteeship of Mary Sallie McKee EnergyScholarship is accepted

•1997 to present-“Mini-grants” awarded to teachers for education materials, advanced training and classroom technology 

•1997-Olin Schultz Scholarships established

•1998-L.E and Wilma Watson Scholarship is established by Watson’s three children and their families

•2000-Mary(Eis) Hessler establishes Scholarship in  Memory of her parents and brother

•2001-Kotouc Memorial Enrichment Fund is  Established by the Otto Kotouc family to provide specialActivities for students   

•2002-The Harold and Anna Marie Marburger Scholarship is established  

•2004-Wesley and Elizabeth Stansbury Scholarshipis established by their children, Dr John Stansbury and  Joan (Stansbury) Petty

•2004-Humboldt Public Schools Foundation changes its  name to HTRS Public School Foundation   •2004-Dr and Mrs Cat D Nguyen Scholarshipestablished•2004 Helen Powell Porr Scholarship was established

•2006-Trusteeship of Jay Snethen Scholarship isaccepted from Humboldt Jaycees Club 

•2007-Hugh and Marie Gibbs Scholarship is established by their children 

•2007 HTRS Foundation granted the Eleanor McKee Donation of $20,000 toward the new gym bleachers 

•2007-The Pearl Fankhauser Scholarship was establishedBy William Fankhauser trust

•2008-The Lisa Schaardt-Mentor Scholarship was established

•2008-HTRS Foundation awarded $5,000 toward  2 “Mini-grants”To teachers for advanced classroom technology

•2009-Dawson Bethel United Methodist Church Scholarship was established

•2009-HTRS Foundation awarded $2,530 toward teacher mini grant

•2010-Charles Hilgenfeld Scholarship was established by his Family

•2010-HTRS Foundation awarded $2,134 toward Booster club & teacher mini grants

•2011-Hobart Anderson Golf Scholarship was established by area Golfers

•2011-HTRS Foundation awarded $8,000 toward Middle/High School signs

•2012-Scot Knudson Memorial Scholarship was established

•2012-HTRS Foundation awarded $7,811.32 toward teacher mini grants

•2013-HTRS Foundation awarded Monsanto scholarship of $5,000 established as a one-time scholarship and awarded to 3 seniors

*2014-HTRS Foundation awarded $13,200 toward teacher mini grants

*2014- Kurt Stappenbeck & Family donated $10,000 through Foundation to Music Department for new instruments

*2014-HTRS Public Schools Foundation awarded $200,000 toward north addition project

*2014-HTRS Public Schools Foundation awarded $21,560 for forty laptops for the K-3 classrooms

*2015- Becky Bstandig-Rowland Memorial Music Scholarship was established

*2016-David and Helen Meister Scholarship was established

*2017-Harriett Leech Academic Scholarship was established


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