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2016 - 2017 New Scholarships available.

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Harriett (Smith) Leech of Humboldt High School graduating class of 1944 has donated funds to the HTRS Public Schools Foundation for future scholarships.  Harriett was a long time Humboldt High School educator teaching 5th grade from 1972 until her retirement in 1995.


She has established the Harriett Leech Academic Scholarship for HTRS graduating seniors and/or for HTRS graduates already pursuing a two or four year postsecondary degree program in any field of study.


For more information contact Karen Mezger at or call 402-862-2151

David L Meister of the Humboldt High School graduating class of 1946, currently from rural DuBois, NE has donated $100,000 to the HTRS Public Schools Foundation for future scholarships.  He has established the David L and Helen Meister Educational Scholarship for HTRS graduating seniors.


The requirements of the scholarship are for the student to attend Peru State College and major in any type of Teaching Education.  To qualify for the first year $1000 Scholarship the HTRS high school senior student must have a 3.5 GPA.  If they maintain a 3.0 GPA while at Peru State College they will be eligible for renewal of $1,000 for up to the next 3 years of college.  A student can receive the scholarship for up to $4,000 over 4 years of undergraduate schooling.


This is a tremendous scholarship that David L Meister has donated to the HTRS Public Schools Foundation for students at HTRS (formally Humboldt High School).  The HTRS Public Schools Foundation Board would like to thank David L Meister for his gracious donation!  

The HTRS School Foundation donated the necessary funds in order to purchase the materials needed to make a database for the school accessible to the public. This database was John Kanel's Eagle Project. The HTRS School District is very thankful for their support and generosity!

Back Row (L to R): Ted Harshbarger- VP, Ron Eis- President,  Steve Schaardt- MemberSherri Edmundson- School Superintendent.

Front Row (L to R):  Neal Kanel- School Board Rep., Sandy Stalder- Treasurer, Joyce Huppert- Secretary, Jorene Herr- Member

HTRS Public Schools Foundation

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The Mission Statement of the HTRS Schools is:

“Family, Educators and Community united in

providing quality education for lifelong learning

  in a changing world”


The HTRS Public Schools Foundation is a

501 (c) (3) tax exempt Foundation,

Community-based nonprofit organization

Exclusively for the benefit of or to carry out the

Purposes of the HTRS Schools


Unity between families, teachers and the local

Communities will bring excellence in education

For our youth; the HTRS Public Schools

Foundation hopes to encourage such

Through its actions

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