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Sherri Edmundson

Supt. of Schools

Lisa Othmer

Head Principal
Kari Lottman Asst Principal/SPED Coordinator

Candy Blecha SPED
Mandy Bowen

7th/8th English & SPED

Lesson Plans
Kari Case 1st Grade Lesson Plans
Brad Catlin Industrial Arts

Quentin Coatney PE
Jason Cover Spec Ed Lesson Plans
Shari Drake 3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Joan Dreier Business Ed/Computers Lesson Plans

Taylor Dunekacke 6th Grade Lesson Plans

Kara Engles 1st Grade/AD Lesson Plans

Carmen Eppens Special Ed Lesson Plans

Dan Ingwersen EL/MS Guidance
B J Freeman Kindergarten Lesson Plans
Deserae Frey 2nd Grade Lesson Plans

Jaime Frey Preschool Lesson Plans
Allie Graf Lesson Plans

Phil Hall Science/Math Lesson Plans

Joni Hegemann Special Ed Lesson Plans

Matt Helms Math Lesson Plans

Angie Hunzeker English/Reading Lesson Plans

Denise Hunzeker Math Lesson Plans

Paulette Joy Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Sharon Joyner Art, HAL Lesson Plans

Sara Kappel Media Specialist Lesson Plans

Carl Linnerson Social Studies Lesson Plans

Ashlee Meyer Title Lesson Plans
Karen Mezger

HS Guidance Counselor

Trent Platt AG Lesson Plans
Brianna Pohlmann Music Lesson Plans
Donna Railsback Science Lesson Plans

Brittany Rogers Spec Ed/Annual
Angela Schnacker Physical Education Lesson Plans

Cindy Stalder Computers, Technology Lesson Plans

Kim Standerford 5th Grade Lesson Plans

Dolly Svoboda 2nd Grade Lesson Plans

Lin Volker Alternative Ed Class

Sarah Volker Music Lesson Plans

Darcy Weldon Science

Lesson Plans

Amy Werts Title/Sixpence Lesson Plans

Dennette Wheeler Title 1 Lesson Plans

Peggy Williams English Lesson Plans

Susan Wissmann 3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Glena Withers Technology

Lisa Wittrock Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

Mark Woolard Social Studies Lesson Plans

Eileen Zenter Preschool Lesson Plans



**The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 gives parents the right to get information about the professional qualifications of of their child's classroom teacher.  Upon request, HTRS Public Schools will provide the following information to parents:


The status of the professional qualifications of the student's classroom teacher in regard to licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas taught, as well as the baccalaureate and advanced degrees held, and the field of certification.


Information concerning where a teacher is teaching under emergency or provisional status through which state qualifications have been waived, and timely notice if their child has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who in not highly qualified.


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